by Hysterese

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released July 20, 2013




all rights reserved


Hysterese Tübingen, Germany

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Track Name: Fix It
i'm just trying to take care
wizkids and wise men are to unite
sometimes our bulb seams to glow as bright as physically possible
but there's one incident that is able to crush the whole world

won't you loose your life!
stay here, we go at the same time.
you're not allowed to die.
shut up and fix it - that's an order!

i won't make it alone. be sure of that fact, nothing's gonna top that
i couldn't bear to watch you slip away
that's an ego-thing, 'cause i'm not one when your part is lacking
and we're not two we are one
Track Name: Headlocked
i can't see
i can't breathe
start to eat
strengthens me

headlocked when i come round
that's such an awkward pressure
forced to some trojan properties

i can move
brightens up
now i'm full
ate you up
Track Name: Three Wise Monkeys
soccer on tv.
knitting needles click
satisfied and full
nothing's on her mind

she feels light and free
since he slipped away
journeys with her girls
there's no ass to wipe

cottage smells of kale
grandsons come for joint
happy faces smack
battened to arise

she is always right
and she always was
but in case she's not
she just acts the fool

see no evil - no she cannot
hear no evil - no she
speaks no evil - she does not
want to think about background
Track Name: Deadbeat
just a little something
any how i do run scared
why can i not deal with it?
i'm a deadbeat all alone!

stop to consider
i need a change
i want no brain in my head
need a solution
stop cogitate
i want no brain in my head

pressure disagrees with me
i can't see the wood for trees
head down i can see what's coming
how will i get over it?
Track Name: Epidemic
so cold and mindless
face-grey politeness
trust me it won't hurt
calm down, listen to
- the heartbeats

sheep-shy don't be that
have what you want to
jokes told for laughter
don't act cool. I'm not
- and won't be

frosty and anxious
confidence lacks outside
try to attend and
let's help make this warm
- and easy

change it or mend it
ask em for standby
try to feel o.k.
let's get it done. fuck
- the boredom

epidemic plaque
beware of infection
once at your neck
once in your head
it's really hard to get rid of it
Track Name: Fist Of Glass
quiet fighters, soft and sad
how to anticipate? cycle and breathe!

take a mint,
regard pot-holes!

fist of glass, lazy heart
competition - who the hell cares?
fist of glass, set aside well

tattered sneakers, worn with pride
learned to wait patiently, chew on nails
Track Name: Vogue
it hurts so bad
i forgot how ruffian and mean you are
thanks for bringin me back down to earth

but you're not allone,
it seems that that season shits tons of you guys
or am i just way too green-simple-hearted?

damn that vogue
i'm not here to fight

fed up, fuck this trend
why am i just latterly to keep afloat?
how did the pack drown in needless distrust?

dodge the bite reflex
it's hard to share stuff in angst and regression
i think you're fear biters. let's have some food.
Track Name: The Spook
as a part of reproduction
one gets used to noisome customs
such as bringing onself down

can you hear the gatherers sigh?
he's running scared, i don't know why
is there a griffin on his back?

i just take the time it takes
he can go on agitating
who wants us to to take the pressure?
there is no conspiracy

as i am a lucky beggar
jaunty, spoiled and beastly smart
i can't resist my snotty view

but this one thing i know for sure
and i won't reconsider:
one mustn't blame a made-up spook
Track Name: Rock, Shore, Shit
i am just a rock at any shore
lay there, gulls shit on me for decades

they can't imagine how i don't care about rush
slime will tell and waste makes waste
maybe sometime i may be grinded to fine sand
and drifted into your damn shoes

bothersome small stones in funny socks
making friends with your orifices
Track Name: Pöwerwülf
steppin in late, i say hey, you just stare at the floor
hung over from the showcase last night?

pobably not, more likely you just finished working
put on your manimal leather, wanna feel like a man tonight

treat me bad, won't you be to polite, i don't like - no!
four-eye-dork, that's my name, push me 'round, i like that - yo!
- bright idea to bully/bother the soundguy ...

tell me stories 'bout how you hate these fags and me
for the glasses and the girlish way of talking

your band plays 50 minutes of dangerous music
'bout rape and pretending to hate something