by Hysterese

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released June 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Hysterese Tübingen, Germany

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Track Name: angst
maledom mentality
aesthetics of brutality/
it's based on brutality
forehead's made of stone

building identity:
victim of society/
outcast society
loud and growling voice

"weakness is luxury"
the rough pack keeps you company
smartness drives you mad

problems/clash - reality
but simple answers all you see
the others treat you wrong

angst filled head/
this head full of angst
that angst determines

angst filled heart/
that heart full of fear
that miserable

angst tears us apart
Track Name: asperger youth
try to look you in the eye
can feel so hard - avoid for weeks

want me to talk and share
but i'm not able to connect

cannot handle common stuff
it's way too much, it makes no sense

i try to operate, but fail
if not in charge of rules

turn away, get back to
my routine
and narrow topics

desolate, again
we are mind-blind and stuck
Track Name: cancer ß cake
he got cancer and he got cake
why is it not the other way round?
there is no such thing like a punchline
and i ask the wrong questions

and i know that since like forever
but it doesn't get better anyway
life fades into nothing
Track Name: deadlock
it's indistinct, though i can feel
one step away: it's within reach
relentless time steadily proceeds
there's no escape, there's no respite

can you help me out, please stop time and tide!
I'm not ready - want to carry on good times
don't you think it‘s right? I cherish the illusion
deadlock is my defiant attempt

foresight means fear. i fight the tears
I'm too close now to deny
relentless time steadily proceeds
there's no escape, there's no respite
Track Name: nothing
i am really nothing
i am no grown man
i am not a fighter
not a citizen

not a student nor a worker
i'm no traveller
not a punk or any cool guy
i'm not smart or dumb

i am nothing
got no intent to change

i am nothing
can't be identified

i am not an artist
i'm not in good shape
i'm not out of work or poor
and i cannot skate

maybe i'm a slacker
but i am not sure
no ambition to reflect on
why i do not care
Track Name: zero
3 rooms: the whole world
the replay of silence
dishes lost their taste
resistant to change

embrace the past
now there's fear and pain
not yet resigned
nothing to attain
miss the people lost beyond recall
your mind is miles away
human stimulation zero

3 rooms
cramped and narrow world
covers everything
lost taste
dishes all the same
can't change, sit numb

now there is just fear and pain
not resigned, nothing to attain
people lost beyond recall
stimulation zero
Track Name: straight faces
trying to make it through the day
never move too far away
from hideouts that i know
blank faces all over the place

impassive, cold and stiff
Thumper's got to go
got to escape these places
packed with alienated faces

look in these eyes/
straight faces
death in disguise/
i see nothing else besides
straight faces round me
Track Name: life ends
the days pass by and i can't
even grab one hour
feeling crapulous every second
no matter if i'm sober or pissed

the sun is down and i got
no clue how it slipped away
i creep around and wait
eat, stare, breathe, sigh

body hurts from doing nothing
nail biting, shredded fingers
addicted to the screens
these walls are my dumb coffin

apathetic since so many years
i stopped to quest the cause
i try to disappear
Track Name: useless
my heart
my skin
my thoughts
my view
my mind
my love
my stance
my attitude
I harden

and you stay soft and weak
the crew of ghosts
grows and grows
and I harden

you become a
crazy mad man
and there's nothing
I can do
maybe if I (was softer)
Track Name: k-141
i know it's gonna end and we're to drown
and no one comes for rescue

we're running in chaos circles
and the bodies slip and clash

feels like sinking
heavy breathing
smells like fear of death and pain

recognized we're trapped
as my ankles got wet

i try to calm down
and think of any way out
but it's useless

rising pressure
makes the derelict eerily groan

some take life-sustaining measures
others cry and some just crack

freezing deepness
want to wake up
it's too late

there's no light
give it up
sorrow-stricken til the shock
all to fade
doomed and caged/locked in